Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 10 Boise to Mountain Home, Idaho --- 54 Miles with 1500 Feet of climbing.

Today we were ready to resume our journey after a much needed rest in Boise for many of the riders. I was somewhat tired but in order to keep my legs fresh, 7 of 8 of us went out for a short ride.  I rode 17 miles along the greenbelt trail system that is very nice and it goes in many directions along the river in Boise.  It was really nice and there were many Canadian Geese along this path. 

Today we woke up to partly  cloudy sky's and the temperature was 62.  We left the hotel after breakfast at 0700 and load the luggage truck and we left downtown Boise on one of the many bike paths that they have on the road and hooked up with the greenbelt trail system for 7 miles and then climbed up to another road for our trek east and out of the city limits.  We crossed hwy 84 and then we had to get on this road and ride once again on the shoulder of the freeway for 10.5 miles and we had a west went that really pushed up and everyone really enjoyed the help of the wind.  It is really nice going up a 2-3 % hill going 20-23 MPH without any effort.  Everyone really enjoyed the day and we had only 3 flats among the group today and this was once again to all the trash along the shoulder of the interstate.

We had only 1 rest stop today due to the short mileage and with the cool wind no one spent much time resting there.  After we left the rest stop the road we went on was the old hwy 30 and we only saw 2 cars on this road from mile 25 to mile 37.  It was really great with the exception of one stretch that was fresh chip seal and it was really rough.  However we were going between 20 and 25 MPH most of the time. 

The landscape really changed from the irrigation land east of Boise with all the crops to arid open range with sagebrush and rolling hills.  It reminded me of the area in eastern Wyoming and Montana.  I know we are in for allot more of this type of terrain until we get close to the big climb coming up in the days ahead into Jackson Hole.

We are now on another 8 days of riding and the next rest day is scheduled for Casper, Wyoming but we have many more miles and hills to attack before we arrive there. 

Everyone of the riders has new energy with our rest day and with the shorter mileage and the helping wind, it was almost like another day off.  In most cases there is usually a payback of an easy days of riding and we will have to meet that challenge when it crosses our path.

I was the 5th rider in today and the luggage truck was unloaded by 11:30. 

Tomorrow we are riding to Twin Falls and it shows to be around 95 Miles.   That is about all for today.


  1. We saw your pictures of the Boise Greenbelt...really nice area. I think you are getting tough enough for those climbs that are ahead.Sounds like you are all working together on the ride. Get some rest for that 95 tomorrow. As always stay safe Buddy!

  2. Enjoyed your pictures! Have a wonderful evening and looking forward to hearing more about your journey.