Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 5 Prineville to John Day, Oregon 117 Miles with 5000' of climbing

The day started out cool at 48 degrees when we loaded our luggage in the truck at 0515 and then breakfast at 0530 and then we were on the road at 0600.  On long days everyone needs to get going so the slower riders can get on the road and finish within a reasonable time as they want to finish by 1800 with everyone. 

The 1st part of the day was a nice gradual climb out of Prineville with a steady 1% great and very cool.  I rode by my self for about 7 miles and it was time to find a spot to get rid of the morning coffee.  Right down the road was a nice fishing and camping spot and I used there facilities.  After pulling out I was riding again along taking it easy as to same some in reserve for the climbs and the length of today's ride.  Then along came a pace line that had 10 riders in it and Joe looked at me and said join in.  So I dropped in line at the end of the train and away we went at 20 MPH against a slight east wind.  This went along for about 10 miles and the front took turns and then went to the back.  When the hill started to kick up to 6% I dropped off to ride my own pace for reserve later in the day.  I climbed alone passing some people and said hi and good morning to all on the road as we passed.  After getting to the summit which was at 4720' the support truck was there with fluid replacement and food.  After filling up I put my jacket back on and went over the top and then to the decent.  I was a great downhill ride and it ended too soon and then we were in the town of Mitchell and once again we stopped and used the facilities. I took off thinking there was another place to fill my bottles as they were getting low and then we were out of town and the big climb of the day started.  It started right off at 6% and straight up with no switchbacks so you couldn't see where the top was.  It then increased to 7% and then to 8 and sometimes 10% then back to 7% the rest of the way to the top.  My water bottles were empty and the support van was at the top for filling them up.  After eating a honey and peanut butter sandwich and drinking more water, I filled up again and then started the next decent after putting my jacket back on as I had taken it off on the start of both climbs.  The send summit was 4369 not big elevation but still some steep hills.  The second decent was much faster and on the way down the terrain changed from  pine to wide open valleys and rock formations. 

The rest of the day was allot of filling of water bottles as it got into the mid 80's by at the bottom the wind shifted and we had a nice tailwind for the rest of the ride home.  It ended up being a 7'42" day and we were glad that the day was over.  In our group there were 10-15 people  today  that this was their 1st ride of 100 miles of more.  It was also a personal best for me  with 117.

Everyone is ready for bed tonight at we had a late dinner and rap was late also and tomorrow we have 3 more big climbs in the 5000' elevation range.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    Sounds like a tough day yesterday! We were thinking about you today during our ride in the 95 degree heat and hot south wind. I was wishing we had some open road and the scenery that you are enjoying and lower temperatures. We really are enjoying your blogs so if your not too tired after the days ride please keep them coming. The folks at the clubhouse all say hi!
    Rick Fogle