Sunday, June 20, 2010

Orientation in Astoria.

Well the day is finally here. 

The one question everyone has asked is how many are doing your ride?  Today we got the sheet that shows 47 are riding all the way to the Atlantic Ocean,  15 people are doing parts of the ride.  I have not got the stats on males and females yet, so more to follow later on that.  We have a class at 3Pm today and I should get more information. 

Today we rode from the motel to the Pacific ocean and back for a total mileage of 26.6   We took an indirect route to keep us off a busy bridge right out of Astoria.  I rode with about 15 other cyclists and when we got to  the ocean and took our shoes off and carried our bikes to the ocean and dipped our rear tire in the ocean. This is the tradition to dip the rear wheel in the starting ocean and the front tire in the ending ocean.

The weather was nice and cool and we did get wet as it rained off and on going and coming back.

Earlier in the day my wife Sue and granddaughter Theresa drove to the ocean so they could see the ocean and both of them found some sand dollars in a downpour while I stayed in the truck.

I did not get any pictures of my wheel dipping in the ocean as it was raining when we left and my camera got left with my baggage at the hotel.


  1. That was a really neat ride and placing the back wheel in the ocean. It sounds like you have quite a few bikers making the trip. I will be looking forward to your next post.

  2. Hey Tom...That was awasome talking to you. I agree we must be on the same wave length. Enjoy this adventure and tell us all about it when you can. MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN! Don