Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 8 Ontario, Oregon to Boise, Idaho-- 65 Miles and 1787 feet of climbing

Today everyone was ready to get started as we are all looking forward to our rest day tomorrow in Boise.

The weather was in the mid 50's with the high predicted in Boise to be 98 by afternoon. We did not eat breakfast until 0630 and they did rap then and gave us the Que sheet for today's ride.  It had many turns so it was quitelong  compared to the last few days.  But it was really great as we were riding on the country roads with the dairy's and irrigated farm land with Potatoes, Beans,  Wheat, Corn, Onions, Lettuce and probably more but that is the main crops I saw.  We had very little traffic and the road went from smooth asphalt to rough chip seal to brand new asphalt.  Quite a variety. Mostly every one rode in small groups today as we weren't in a hurry as they told us the luggage truck would not be there to unload at the motel until 1330. After arriving in Boise we had great bike lanes all the way until we got down by the capital building and then we had to take one lane and go.

We stopped and ate lunch as everyone was hungry and the recommendation was to stop at one of the restaurants in Hyde Park.  I had a Reuben sandwich and 3 cold glasses of waster and a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie on the top and it was really good.

Everyone is ready to take the day off tomorrow and see the sites around Boise and visit the local bike shop for supplies.  I will probably ride for an hour tomorrow just to keep the legs going.

Next blog won't be until Wed. afternoon.


  1. I enjoyed the picture of the State line into Idaho. It sounded like you had a fairy easy ride today and enjoyed the country side. I have never been to Boise. Since it is the State Capitol there should be allot of neat things to see and do. Take care and looking forward to tomorrow's update.

  2. Hey a new state to ride in. That's amazing that there was almost a fifty degree temperature! Get some rest today and enjoy the sights. I bet they have a potatoe or two around there. Looking forward to your ride Wednesday...resupply with some good carbs and calories today!