Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 7 Baker City to Ontario, Oregon 84 miles

Well today started very cool about 45 degrees and a slight wind out of the South.  I wore my jacket because it is not fun riding when you are cold.  We left town and the wind was in our face to start and then we started a small climb out of town and the fun really began.

This was the day everyone dreams of on a bike, downhill most of the day.  We started out at 3500 Feet and climbed to about 3800 ft. and at the top of this hill I was ready to shed my jacket. The sag vehicles were along the road taking pictures and I left my jacket with Karen at on of the vans as it was starting to warm up pretty good.  Then the fun started we started to drop down 2500 ft in 45 Miles.  It was really nice to coast to give legs a rest from 2 days of climbing.  We really did not have much uphill but at the bottom of every hill usually leads to another up.  This was the case after arriving into the town of Huntington.  After going through town the road started up for about 2 miles and then another downhill decent.  We had to ride on the interstate (84) for 2 different stretches as the frontage road was torn up.  Some riders were unsure of our safety in doing this.  It turned out to be OK as the traffic was lite as it was Sunday morning.  The only trouble with the shoulder on interstates is all the debris that is there.  We had to dodge everything you can imagine.

We then arrived down where the Snake River was on our left and the 2nd and last rest stop for the day was on the river by a campground.  It was getting pretty warm by this time and we did not spend allot of time here.  Margo and myself left with 26 miles to go and we had a slight head wind off and on but we moved on down the road sharing the work and arrived at the Holiday Inn which was home for today. We were the 2nd and 3rd to arrive for the day so we felt really good about today.

I then got my room key put my horse to bed for the day and they we went to dairy queen as the luggage truck was not here yet.  After having a heath bar blizzard, which really hit the spot, we went back and got the luggage unloaded and I went and showered which is always very refreshing.

Tomorrow we leave Oregon and go to Idaho.  We head to Boise and the mileage is listed at 61.


  1. It sounded like the downhill was really a trip, no pun intended (LOL). I would imagine pretty soon you will be leaving the 45 degree temperature as you continue your eastward journey. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

  2. You all deserved the "easy ride" yesterday...if there is such a thing. It was great seeing those Richardson Bike Mart jerseys. It is a small world. Hey another time zone. Enjoy the cool air while you can. I bet you are going to see some heat soon. Great talking to you...I can hear the excitement and adventure in your voice. Stay safe and remember we are there by your side.