Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44 Niagra Falls to Henrietta, NY 83 miles with 1985' of climbing

Day 43 Rest day in Niagara Falls.  We all enjoyed the rest day we had on Monday in Niagara Falls.  We did the maid of the mist boat ride and walked back over to Canada and viewed the falls from that side and looked at all the touristy things that were on that side and then we came back and looked at all that they had to offer on the American side.  We were right downtown so everything was within walking distance and quite convenient.  All is all it was a good day off, but we are waiting for the last week to start so we can get to the Atlantic Ocean and dip our tires.

Day 44 We loaded luggage today at 0630 and then we rode to Denny's for breakfast.  It was somewhat slow, but that is to be expected when 60 people all arrive at the same time and want to eat and then get back outside and get on the bikes and ride.  We got on the road at 0720 and it was all ready 72 degrees and the weather was forecast to be very humid today, and they were right.  We rode on a street that had a bike lane which is nice, however that is where all the debris is and broken glass along with many other things.  So this keeps you awake dodging all the things in the lane so you do not have a flat tire.  Luckily we got out of this area and we were once again on the rural roads with no shoulder's but the traffic was light and the roads were mostly OK.  There were some pot holes that had to be avoided but it was OK.  We had 2 rest stops today and the 1st one was at mile 33 which was by a wildlife refuge, and I took a picture of a family of Canada Geese that were on the grass by where we stopped.  This is the only picture I took today as the scenery was the same as the last 2 states, Soybean fields, Corn fields, and Dairy Farms.

While riding between the 1 and 2 rest stop we came to the top of a hill and to the right in the field was a 1 hump camel.  I did not stop and take a picture, (I wish I had) but we were determined to get the ride done today as the humidity made it somewhat uncomfortable when you got off your bike and stopped.  We asked some other riders if they saw the Camel and they said " what were you drinking".  Bill who's birthday was today got a picture of it so we had proof that it really did exist. 

The second stop today was at mile 62 and we filled our bottles and snacked and once again hit the road for the last 20 miles.  These miles went by quickly and before you know it we were in town and 5 of us stopped and ate lunch before going to the Motel as the luggage would not be unloaded until more riders arrived. After lunch we rode to the Motel and checked in.  At the front desk they had ice cold  water, bananas, apples and power bars for us, what a great treat.  Then it was time to unload the luggage and get cleaned up.

It was a good ride today as we did have the wind helping us a little bit and the ride went by quickly.  We only had 6 more days of riding and it is coming to an end soon.  Many of us commented that is seemed so long ago that we started this trip in Astoria, but on the other hand it has gone by so quickly.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for a 90+ mile day and we will see what it will bring.  One of the next 2 days we get to ride along the Erie Canal which will be neat.

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  1. The camel along side the road was really neat! Great picture of the geese. I read your blog and it reads like another 80 to 100 miles no big deal. I can imagine when you get home what a 25 or 30 mile bike ride will be like....lol. Trip to the store! Take care and looking forward to reading about your journey tomorrow.