Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 46 Liverpool to Little Falls, NY. 79 Miles with 1490' of climbing

Today we ate breakfast at 0600 and loaded luggage at 0700.  The weather forecast for today called for a 50% chance of rain all day.  It was cloudy when we loaded luggage but we took off at 0705 and had many turn to get out of town.  At mile 13 it started to rain and continued all day until we got into Little Falls.  It was the longest I have ridden in a constant rain since I have been riding bike.  Before today I have ridden 35 miles but today it was 68 miles in the rain and did not let up.  Everything I was wearing was extremely dirty from all the road grit that gets kicked up from the rider in front of you and from your own tires. 

We had 2 rest stops today one at mile 25 and the other at mile 52. Due to the rain we signed in and did not spend much time hanging around.  We just snacked and filled the bottles and took off.  I had my rain coat with me, but the rain was warm and it was not too bad as long as you kept riding.  When we pulled into the 1st rest stop Daniel and Bruno arrived and we found out that Bruno had gone down on the slippery road and tore his shorts and got some road rash on his elbow.  I asked him if he was ok and he said yes but a little sore from hitting the pavement. 

We rode to the 2nd rest stop today and did not spend very long, maybe 5 minutes and we were off again.  After stopping I was getting cold, so I put my rain coat on to keep me warm and off we went once again.
We finished up the ride and by the time we got to the motel it had stopped raining and the sun was coming out.  They had rags and a hose for us and we all cleaned our bikes up, showered and then there was a laundry mat across the street and we all did laundry. This will be my last day to do laundry, as I have enough clean cloths and riding outfits to get me by for the next 4 days until I get home.

Tonight they are having a Wine and cheese reception for us at the hotel where we are staying.  

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  1. Rain, Rain, no more rain! I can't believe you rode than many miles in the rain. I bet you were glad it was the last laundry you will do until you get home. Doing great! Later.