Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 45 Henrietta to Liverpool, NY 95.8 miles with 1965' of climbing

Today we started early with the luggage load at 0600-0645 and breakfast at the hotel or McDonald's.  I ate the continental breakfast at the hotel, which did not have very much food, but a small bowl of cold cereal, a small muffin, glass of orange juice and 2 pieces of toast and we departed at 0615.  Today we were listed at having 92 miles but I had a little more than that on my Garmin at the end of the day.  We rode on the streets for about 5.7 miles and then we turned and were on a paved bike path that follows the Erie Canal.  The bike path was really nice and paved and we stopped and took pictures of the 1st lock we came to early this morning.  After proceeding on the path for 3 miles we came to the town of Pittsford and we had to get off our bikes and walk about 150 yards through the town area and then we were able to get on our bikes and continue to ride.  The path then changed to cinder but it was hard pack and the riding was not too difficult with the road tires we have on our bikes.  We continues along the canal trail and came to another town of Fairport and they had many boats docked along this portion of the Canal.  We also saw 2 teams of rowers that were training on the canal with a power boat going along with them with the coach in the boat to give them directions.

We rode on the canal for a total of 21 miles before we left it and then we left the canal and were on the shoulder of route 31 for 56 miles, and the road was mostly smooth except for some rough spots as we got closer to our destination today.  We had 2 rest stops today one at mile 37 and the other at mile 68. The 1st stop we ate and filled the bottles up.  As we were getting ready to depart, Ann came in and said that she had been hit by a car.  The car turned right in to her and hit her right elbow and right hip.  By the time everything was done she hit the ground.  The driver did stop and apologized and her bike was OK.  Beth looked at her elbow and said that she needed to get some ice on it as the lump that was forming was filled with blood.  Beth and Barb one of the staff members put an Ice bag and they put a net around her elbow to keep in in place and then she sat down and put her arm on top of the 1st aid kit box.  She was still there when we departed the rest stop and we saw her later and she rode the rest of the way in to the Motel today.  She was going to get something to eat when we were unloading the luggage and she said she was OK.  I am glad she is OK, but she will probably be sore tomorrow.

We continued on and Beth stopped to take a picture and I rode by myself until mile 48 at the town of Clyde and I stopped and used the bathroom at a gas station and got an Ice Cream.  I went on and saw Beth and Ann along the road and Ann took off and Beth and I rode together into the 2nd rest stop today which was at mile 68 and it was getting to be lunch time, so we filled our bottles up and went to the next town of Weedsport and ate lunch.  After eating we left and got on the route again and the miles were going by quickly until we saw Andrew up ahead with a flat.   We stopped and gave him moral support and I pumped his tire up when he got it changed.  We then took off and made it the rest of the way into town and found the motel and all was done for the day. 

We now had only 5 more riding days left and tomorrow is supposed to be about 72 miles.

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  1. The canal trip sounded really neat! I really enjoyed the pictures of the canal. Your ride today seemed to go fairly smooth except for Beth. I am glad she was not hurt really bad and I do hope she is able to continue on the trip after going this far. The days have gone by rather quickly at "check-point charlie". I cannot believe there are only 5 days left. Take care and can't wait to read about your journey tomorrow. What will I do with myself after the race, no more blog, no more pictures.....whey!