Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 50 last day Manchester to Portsmouth 54.6 miles with 2279' of climbing

Last night we had our banquet and had many funny skits and ABB awards.  Everyone got to speak and everyone thanked the staff and many thanked the fellow riders for the way this group had come together and had became one big family.  It is hard not to be one big family going across the country in 50 days and sharing the accomplishments and the heartache when we had unscheduled dismounts along the way with the fellow riders.  Mike the ride leader said this was the 8th crossing that he was in charge of that got all the riders across and did not have anyone drop our from an injury that could not finish.  I attribute this to the discipline he instills in the staff he has working on his team and the way he instilled those values on everyone in our group to look out for each other and ride safely at all times.

Today we ate breakfast at 0530 and loaded luggage at 0630.  We only had a short day today and did not have to be at the Jr. High school where the police were meeting us at 11:30AM for our escort to the beach.  We all left and rode a leisurely pace and had one rest stop at mile 28.4  Fred's wife, my roommate had made homemade cookies and they were a real hit at this stop today.  After leaving the stop there was a bakery and coffee shop everyone stopped at and we sat there outside enjoying the nice weather and drank coffee and killed time there as we only had 11 miles to go to get to the school.  When it was time we left and rode to the school and got there at 11:10 Am and signed in for the last time and ate more cookies and waited until our escort arrived.

The group decided that the riders in our group that spent the most time riding everyday would lead the procession to the beach and all the rest of us would follow.  Ellen, Helen, Ian and Dereka were the ones that lead us.  They were the last ones in everyday and we all admired them for their accomplishments of continuing everyday when the rest of us were in and cleaned up and not giving up every day.

The ride today was somewhat hilly with many rolling hills and some of them kicked up to 14%. My legs were tired from the last 2 days of climbing and it took awhile to get them to respond before they felt normal.  After we got to the Jr. High school everyone was congratulating each other for what we had accomplished and then it was time to go to the beach.  We left with a police escort in the front and another one behind us with the 3 support vehicles along for the finish of this journey.  It was all downhill the last few miles until we turned the corner and we could see the Ocean.  We had to ride about 1 mile along the waterfront before we got to the beach where we would end our 50 day journey.  The police had his siren on and when we made the turn into the beach there was a big Cheer from the friends and family members that were there to meet their loved ones and congratulate them on their 50 day ride.  We then went to the sea wall, took our shoes and socks off and headed off to the water to dip the front tire in the Atlantic Ocean.  We all took turns taking pictures of each other and then the official ceremony took place with Matt the youngest rider pouring out the water that had been carried by the ABB staff from the Pacific Ocean and poured it in to the Atlantic.

It was now official we had all made our goals and dream of riding across this great country and being able to share this with 46 other family of riders along with the staff members.  There were a few tears shed as the emotions ran high with this day and then some dove in with their biking cloths on and swam in the Ocean.  I did not but they told me it was cold.

Then it was time to load my bike on top of the van and go to the bike shop for the process of sending my bike home.  They will box it up and then it will be arriving in a box home by UPS.

We then got some lunch and checked in to the last motel of this trip before I head home tomorrow.

It had been a great adventure that I am thank full for my family, and friends for all the support that I was given on my goal of riding across the USA,  It was everything I had expected and more..  The new fiend ships that I have made will last a lifetime.  Some are talking of other rides next year and we will keep in touch with each other by email. 

It is now time to close this blog and I will have to go back and read and reflect on the many days that I spent on the road, as it seemed like a long time ago that we stated this and you forgot all that you did and this will be a reminder as where we went and what I saw along the way.  In another way it has gone by so fast that you wonder where it all went so this is the last update.


  1. Congratulations Tom!!! You are a lucky dude! Come on home Buddy!

  2. Tom, what a wonderful ending to a great beginning! Atlantic to the Pacific in 50 days by bike! Your fellow bikers that became family, you will never forget. Your experiences both good and bad during this trip will always be with you. I have enjoyed following you throughout these 50 days and look forward to your being with us tomorrow. May you always ride tall and proud of this great accomplishment. Your friend, Dan