Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 48 Latham, NY to Brattleboro, VT 80 miles with 5448' of climbing

Today we ate at 0700 and loaded luggage at 0730.  After loading we took off and were on city streets for about 5 miles and just before mile 5 we  crossed the Hudson River.  The roads in town were really torn up and had chuck holes and cracks everywhere, especially when we crossed the river and went under the road and had to go into a tunnel.  There were holes everywhere and you had a hard time seeing them in the somewhat dark tunnel.  After that we had a climb out of the river bottom and it kicked up to 9% for about 8-9 blocks and then we were out in the countryside and the roads were rolling.  It was really pretty and the countryside was like we had in the west with many trees and hills everywhere.  It was nice to see some different terrain after the many days of corn fields and the same things we had been seeing.  Many riders said that is was a great change to climb once again instead of the flat rolling terrain.

We had 2 rest stops today and the 1st one was at mile 29 after some climbs.  Rod, one of the riders on the trip meet his daughters and grandchildren at the stop and they had homemade cookies and date bars which were a real treat.  Anytime we can get homemade treats it is a nice change.  We then continued on and had more up hills and at mile 34.5 there was a barn on top of 2 silos.  One of the girls on the ride asked how it got up there and we commented the wind took it up there.  She didn't believe this but it was a great joke. 

At mile 32.8 we hit the Vermont state line and once again we stopped for a photo shot.  We can't miss the state entry sign.  It is like the real proof that we really crossed another state line.  Vermont is really pretty and we were steadily climbing and saw ski areas.  At mile 45 we had climbed 3500' and continued up from there.  When we stated the big climb at mile 45 it started at 4% which was an easy climb and then it kicked up  to 9% steady with some going to 11 and 12%.  With this kind off a climb you just get in a gear that works for you and keep grinding to the top.  When we got to the top it was some downhill with rollers once again until we got to the 2nd stop at mile 58.  Here we had another climb to the top of Hogback MTN.  It was 4.5 miles to the summit.  It once again started out with 4% and then kicked up again to 7-8% and we topped out and took pictures.  After leaving the top it was downhill followed by big uphills for about 70 miles before we had the steady downhill without the uphill kickers.  We did not have much of a shoulder and we had to ride out in the lane of traffic as the road was rough and there were groves that you had to watch out for.  We made it into town OK and stopped and the 2 bike shops to look around and then went and got something to eat. We then went to the hotel and checked in, unloaded the luggage and then showered. 

After I got out of the shower, I took my bike out and put on the 2 new tires I had with me.  Today on the downhills I could feel a small thumping and I did not feel real good about it so the new tires went on.  The old tires I took off were the original new ones I left the Pacific Ocean with and I had hoped to go all the way with them, but safety first and new ones will ease my concerns.  My old tires had 3670 miles on them so it was time to have new ones.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for another 80+ mile day with 6000' off climbing.


  1. Sounds like it was a good idea on the tire's amazing you haven't had to make a change so far. Hogback Mountain you got to Love It! Be safe...The Atlantic is in sight!

  2. You took those climbs like a bump in the road! Talk about being in shape! Yeah, you did the right thing about the tires but it would have been great to have made it all the way on the same tires. The pictures were great! I too like the barn on top of the silos. It is incredible what a windy day can bring! Take care and looking forward to the next blog.