Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 38 Mt Pleasant to Birch Run, Mi. 77 miles with 785' of climbing

Today we ate at 0630 at the motel and we had rap and loaded luggage at 0730.  The temperature did not cool off and it was 82 when we got our route sheet for the day.  The wind was blowing from the west at 15-20 MPH which was good as we were going south and east today.  We headed east for the 1st 2 miles and then we turned right and rode with a cross wind for 18 miles.  It wasn't too bad with the cross wind and the miles went by fairly fast.  We then turned left and had the wind at our back for 6 miles and it was really nice and the miles went by quicker.  We then had to detour by the road they had us rout3ed on due to a bridge being replaced.  We were routed on a dirt road and it added 2 miles to our cue sheet for the day.  We only had one rest stop today and it was at mile 41.2 after the detour. It was very humid and I drank both bottles by the stop and I filled both of them up and ate some snacks and off we went again for the last 30 some miles with the wind helping most of the way into town.  We did get some lite rain drops on a couple of occasions and that was all it amounted to although the forecast was for a 60% chance of rain in the afternoon.

We arrived into town and got something to eat and by the time we got to the motel and checked in the luggage was unloaded and off we went to the shower.

Tomorrow we are scheduled 87 miles and the last day in Michigan before crossing into Canada.


  1. Hey you are going "international" tomorrow! You almost sound disappointed that these legs are not centuries. At least you didn't get soaked today. Hope those Canucks let you back into the states. As always stay safe and the pictures look good!

  2. Good ride today except for the gravel road. You didn't say how many miles you were on gravel. Hopefully just a few. Crossing over into Canada does sound neat. Always enjoy the pictures and looking forward to your blog tomorrow.