Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 11 Mtn. Home, Idaho to Twin Falls, Idaho 97.2 Miles with 2585 Ft of Climbing

Today we had breakfast at 0530, luggage load at 0600 and then depart anytime after that.  We ended up leaving about 0605 and the weather was 51 degrees with a slight wind.  I decided to not wear arm warmers as it gets warm pretty quick most days.  Today was an exception, we had cloud cover or most of the morning and into the early afternoon hours.  I was a little cool for about 1/2 hour and then the core temperature warmed up and I was fine for the rest of the day.  I started out with Margo, and Rick and we rode at an easy 17-18 MPH enjoying the irrigated fields of Corn, and potatoes.  There were many farmers out setting their irrigation pipes for the day as we rode by and we waved and said hello to all we passed.  I put my sunglasses on and off all day as the clouds made it where I really did not need them all the time.  The miles passed and the 1st rest stop of the day was at a gas station and we did not stay long, only to grab a quick snack and refill the bottles.  When we departed another rider joined the group and his name is John.  The 4 of us rode for awhile until I dropped back to take some pictures and find a place to get rid of some coffee.  I continued and rode by myself for about 10-12 miles and caught up with Michael and Matt on their tandem bicycle.  I rode with them and we caught up once again with Rick, Beth, Margo and John.  The tandem went by us on the downhill and we all stopped at the scenic overlook and after all had taken pictures we continued on to the 2nd stop which was in nice park at mile 60 at the town of Hagerman.  After stopping and snacking once again and fueling up the bottles we used the facilities and talked with Karen, one of the staff members who was in charge of this stop.  Karen was waiting for Mike to relieve her and she was going to get on her bike and ride the last 37 miles into the Motel.

After leaving this rest stop there were 6 of us that got in a pace line and all took turns taking a pull up front and then rotating to the back to rest and the miles really went by in a hurry.  This continued for about 27 miles and then I dropped back and so did Margo and Beth and we then rode our own pace until we hit the scenic over look to the snake river gorge near Twin Falls.  The view was fantastic and the clear sky's by this time really enhanced the view.  There was a golf course at the bottom that really looked neat, and I would like to play it sometime.  We got on our bikes and proceeded to the bridge over the gorge and stopped again or more pictures.  Some of the riders saw BASE jumpers leaping off the bridge and when their chutes opened, it sounded like a gun going off. 

I did not see any, but tomorrow we have a short day and we are going to go see the falls and go to the bottom of the gorge where the golf course is to get another view of the bridge, which really sounds neat.

When we got to the Hotel, we checked in and got our rooms, but the luggage truck was not here yet, so we all went to eat and upon our return the truck arrived and all pitched in to help unload.  The shower really felt good today after the ride as always and I am looking forward to tomorrow, as they have plans for the additional sites and a scavenger hunt for all of us.

That is all until tomorrow. 


  1. The pictures and the story about the ride were really great! I liked the story about the pace line and how it works. Long ride today and you really covered some territory. Looking forward to tomorrow's update.

  2. Tom,
    I am really jealous of this ride you are on, not that I think I could keep up with all you have ridden so far but the pictures are just fantastic and your blogs are really interesting.
    Keep up the good work!