Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 12 Twin Falls to Burley 53 miles with 2345 feet of climb

Today we were getting a late start as the mileage was listed at 38.  We had breakfast starting at 0600 and the truck loading of the luggage was scheduled to 0830.  We usually have a late start time to allow the luggage truck to get to the motel and also it doesn't do much good to arrive early to the Motel as the rooms are not ready. 

Rick and myself decided to ride down to the bottom of the Snake River Gorge by the Golf course that we spotted from the top yesterday.  We rode the rim trail until we got to the sign that said 10% and this is where the trail with switchbacks and the road to the Golf Course started.  It was really neat and fast to go to the bottom, knowing that we had to climb back out once again.  After taking some pictures we turned around and climbed back to the top and rode to the Motel to wait for luggage load.

After the truck was loaded we had an option of going to see the 2 falls in Twin Falls.  The 1st one was Shoshone Falls and we had to take a left and about 2 miles down the road we once again went down to the bottom where the overlook was and took pictures.  There was rainbows and mist from the falls and it was really a magnificent site.  We were told that this falls is called the Niagara Falls of Idaho.  Up we went once again to the top at an 8% grade.  Then we moved on down the road to the 2nd falls (Twin Falls) and rode once again to the bottom where the scenic overlook was.  This was was really neat also but only had on single stream of water instead of a wide one like Shoshone Falls.  Both were really worth seeing and we were ready to move on down the road.

I forgot to mention that yesterday the told us that today would be a scavenger hunt day today.  Most broke up in teams of 5 or 6 and at luggage load we were give the list of items to find for the judging at Dinner tonight. Most of the teams were pretty innovative in the collection of items and everyone was entertained by the results.

The temperature this morning was 58 with a 20 MPH wind out of the West.  It was cool but most of the day we had a tail wind and we sailed on down the road.  Everyone got in early and the luggage was unloaded and once again it felt somewhat like an off day with the short mileage.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for 82 miles to Pocatello.

I wasn't able to load pictures as the WIFI connections here is slow and so I will attempt to upload today's pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Such a wonderful day and the scenery was just great! I can't wait to hear who won the scavenger hunt. It did sound interesting. Great pictures and looking forward to tomorrow's update. Take care.