Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 14 Pocatello to Idaho Falls... 66.9 Miles with 985 Ft. of climbing

Today we had breakfast at 0600 to 0900 and the luggage truck loaded at 0800.  Due to the shorter mileage and the holiday weekend we were told that there was not any hurry to get to the Red Lion in Twin Falls as they were somewhat slow and with today being July 4th the rooms would not be ready.

The temperature started out at 45, but by 0800 it was up to 52 but I wore my arm warmers and vest as the wind was once again made it feel cool.  The wind was blowing 15-20 MPH when we took off and we had to head into it for some of the way to leave town.  I decided to ride easy today as we leave Twin Falls and go to Jackson, Wyoming and over Te ton Pass.

The roads they had us on today were all the secondary roads and there were no cars due to Sunday and the holiday.  We passed many irrigated Potato and Alfalfa fields and the fresh air and the breeze made it truly an enjoyable ride. There was a big group of riders that all left at the same time and by the time we were 3 of 4 miles out we had split up into about 3 separate groups and it was really enjoyable.  We have 2 police officers from Switzerland, Daniel and Bruno and they are really a treat to talk to and the accent is great.  They have a great sense of humor and I call them the Swiss connection any time I see them. Everyone likes them and we ride off and on with them and today we were with them the whole day kidding and joking about what different parts of a Chicken are called in Swiss. 

We had only one rest stop today and they had a platter of cookies and brownies along with the regular snacks and they really hit the spot today.  After leaving the rest stop it was once again on the rural Idaho roads and we had many turns going over Interstate 15 and over the Snake River 3 times before coming into Twin Falls.  The falls here are really impressive and they have a green belt trail system up and down the river right in front of our Hotel which is really neat.

It was pretty much like a rest day and most of the riders are saying we only had 60 some miles today and I think this is due to everyone is getting stronger and the riding over and over each day makes the miles go by fast and the days are flying by.  Someone said at dinner last night that we are 1/4 of the way on our journey, which really brings in to reality that this journey will be over before we know it.  But we have many more states and Miles to go before our Journey ends.

Hopefully everyone had a great day tomorrow as we are scheduled for 88 Miles and over 5500 Ft of Climbing and we get to cross into Wyoming tomorrow and another picture opportunity at the sign at the border.

We will be starting early at 0600 tomorrow to get everyone on the road so the slower ones have ample time to get to Jackson. Early to bed tonight.

If anyone wants to see all the ridersl, I have attached the meet the rider photo page from Mike Munk the ride leader.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your journey today. I thought the chicken story to be especially funny since you know I am an avid chicken fan and they ride around in the truck. Based upon what I read, you are ready for the 88 tomorrow and the climb. Take care and can't wait to ready about your journey tomorrow.